Kindergarden St. Maria Magdalena Horhausen 2013

cradled in creation
The self-understanding of the kindergarden is strongly related to the creation- motifs – which are reflected in the names of the different groups. The educational  concept of the Kindergarden St. Maria Magdalena in Horhausen accompanies the children on their way to becoming independent and self-sufficient children and attaches great importance to their direct and vibrant experiences in and with nature. This concept is so coherent and fully developed that my  only remaining wish was to make these symbols haptic, powerful, vivid and sensuously graspable, and in this sense to make all visitors, children, parents and educators alike feel welcome. My  design development took place during the phase of the shell construction. In close communication with the architect, the construction manager, and the Kindergarden directress, this concept could be worked out.
mosaics: Rainbow, Sun, Flower, Tree with nest, Stars, Dolphins