Project Description

Ghosttown Art Projket in cooperation with THE EUROPE HOUSE; BAD MARIENBERG, MARIENTHAL, 2016
As part of the “Ghost town” project, the Willow Cathedral was built in the awareness of a “dream monument” by 26 young people from 5 European countries in just five dynamic days. Utopias need “the empty space, intellectual freedom, the ambience of “not-knowing” and introspection. On the last day, this “dream room” was declared a smartphone-free zone. (except for Photography purposes). This youth project which created a nurturing space for utopias, visions, and concrete ideas was meant to help create a morally strong and respectable Europe whose citizens seek creative, positively orientated solutions in cooperation and dialogue with each other . Thus counteracting intolerance, predjedice and the daily bombardment of negative information/news with a powerful symbol and statement. Technical
Pasturenuts and hazelnuts rods were bound together with the help of steelpipes and formed into uniform arches. The willows will sprout again in spring 2017 and grow.