Project Description

700 YEARS City of Altenkirchen, Westerwald Region – “700 Created CHAIRS”
For the 700 year anniversary of the town, every citizen from the district of Altenkirchen was invited to create a chair. For one year the artists Axel Weigend, Peter Wesselmann and Tanja Corbach accompanied the project of the 700 designed chairs.
At the beginning of 2014, the ” typical Westerwälder ” was skeptically opposed to the project. Yet the citizens did roll up their sleeves and dug into the project. Experiencing such a creative potential from the mainstream population and observing the positive interaction amongst some citizens who normally would not have socialized together was a joy to the accompanying artists. The participants showed an invaluable wealth of creativity, commitment and attachment to the city of Altenkirchen. This jubilee project is a living gift of the population to their region and city. “Actually, many “making of” stories were brought to us. Since this project, I know that chairs are wonderful bearers of stories.” quote by Tanja Corbach. In December 2014, 736 chairs were registered. Over 400 colorful multi-legged „creations“ were to be seen in a final event for 2 days. A memory game was published as a documentary of the 2015 project. The citizens of Altenkirchen love to play this memory game.